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All sports, including running, cycling, swimming, football, tennis, etc., require proper equipment with excellent performance. Some common sports like running need a technologically optimized pair of shoes and a breathable outfit to achieve the set goals. It plays a role in both winning and losing situations.

Similarly, other sports such as cycling require high-performance equipment, including gears, wheels, and frames crafted professionally. A skilled cyclist will never compromise on a low-performance bicycle.

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Customized CNC Machining For Golf Clubs

Professional golf players maintain excellent skills and equilibrium, but they also need first-class golf clubs to play the golf at the highest levels around the world. Similarly, elite golf clubs require on-demand excellent manufacturing procedures. Why is it necessary? Because it provides excellent customization facilities that are tailor-made as per the shared specifications of the users

BLUE MACHINE uses high-performance techniques for  manufacturing, including 3D printing and CNC machining, to produce customized golf clubs. We have introduced a new KD-1 driver, using SLS 3D printing technology & a CNC machined titanium strike face to manufacture a 3D printed body.

We have combined CNC machining with additive manufacturing processes that reduce labour costs and produce excellent tolerances. Our on-demand manufacturing strategies and processes have completely changed the way gold equipment is made.

SLS 3D Printing Technology
On-Demand Manufacturing Strategies
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We have introduced a new KD-1 driver, using SLS 3D printing technology & a CNC machined titanium strike face to manufacture a 3D printed body.

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we have introduced 3D safety helmets for athletes.

Manufacturing Of 3D Printing Safety Helmets

We focus not only on manufacturing high-performance athletes’ parts but also on keeping athletes safe. For example, we have introduced 3D safety helmets for athletes.

3D printing manufactures incredibly lightweight and excessively strong partially hollow honeycomb-like structures. Some researchers at Cardiff University in the UK emphasized 3D printing. For American football helmets, they manufactured a multilayered elastic material.  

However, sports lovers are aware of the fact that football remained controversial in recent years. Keeping political problems aside, it raised a debate on the physical fitness of its players suffering multiple mild cranial trauma and severe health issues in later life.

By analyzing this situation, a team of researchers at Cardiff University developed C3 –a 3D printed material- to reduce the impact of head injuries. They designed it for sports as well as military applications.

Researchers, especially engineers, focus on manufacturing shock-absorbing 3D printed materials to keep safe upcoming generations of sportswomen and sportsmen.

3D Printed Material
Lightweight & Strong Helmet Body

Development Of High-Performance Bicycles

Cycling depends on two basic parameters, including the physical endurance of athletes and the technical capabilities of its pieces of equipment. Reputable companies use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes such as CNC tooling and 3D printing to produce high-performance cycling parts.  

The frame of a bicycle is the essential part. Being made of steel, it holds all other pieces together. Usually, titanium, aluminium, steel, and carbon fibre are the most reliable materials for manufacturing bicycle frames. CNC machining ensures the manufacturing of performant bicycles. BLUE MACHINE revealed the manufacturing of high-performance CNC machine parts using aluminium alloy.

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High Performance CNC Parts
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BLUE MACHINE revealed the manufacturing of high-performance CNC machine parts using aluminium alloy.

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BLUE MACHINE designs a unique pattern for manufacturing challenging parts, including frame and front & rear triangles. All these parts are connected with a fast-acting adhesive material (glue). We follow the same method as used in the aerospace and  automotive industries.

Besides CNC, 3D printing is also making its way in the cycle manufacturing industry. The 3D printed handlebar components were created by an Italian company named Pinarello for its time trial bicycles. However, it was not a low critical experiment because some experts like Chris Frome-four times winner of the Tour de France- use this 3D printed gear bicycle.

Being an experienced company, BLUE MACHINE holds the capacity for manufacturing on-demand golf clubs to car parts. We meet all the requirements of your next project for sports equipment.

The on-demand manufacturing processes such as CNC machining and additive manufacturing enable companies to manufacture the best quality sports equipment.

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