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We are a professional CNC machining service factory, mainly provides Car Tuning Parts, Motorsport Parts and CNC Machining Service from China, 

including PRODUCTS DESIGN, PROTOTYPE and PRODUCTION of wide range CNC Machining Services.

Turning Service

CNC machining services

Start creating your next project now, and make it even more impressive with BLUE CNC turning services. Thus, you will get high precision turned parts with the most cost-effective rates.

Milling Services

CNC milling services

We’re a CNC milling services provider with customizable options for any industry! Our skilled and creative team delivers precision milling with little to no necessary tolerance.

Prototype Service

CNC Prototype Service

BLUE CNC prototype service are quick, accurate, and cost-effective. Also capable of producing a functional prototype of your idea that will not allow you to wait for weeks or months.

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How do we make sure the stable quality for metal machining parts?

Our customers are from all over the world, they are mechanical engineers, industrial accessory suppliers or end users, our VIP customers are buying CAR TUNING PARTS and MOTORSPORTS PARTS, small quantity, but always with high requirements, When they choose the supplier of cnc machining from China, quality problem will be the most concerned issue. from the rough material to the finished machining components. What we do is to put customers at ease with usual strictly quality control.

CNC Machining Services China

Step1: Received Drawings or Samples

 Usually, drawings or samples are the directly way we can get the product details. Before mass production, we will confirm the turning machining process with customers, What if the original samples, the drawings will be drawn to our customers for review. CNC Machining is an irreversible process, we must be pretty cautious to reduce the cnc machining cost. And next our salesman will keep contact with customers for schedule update and drawings corrected.

Step 2: Development analysis meeting

For all of our orders, as soone as we receive the order, our salesman will start a meeting with engineer operators and inspectors. Usually, the cnc machined components need more than one process: turning CNC service, custom milling service and drilling service. At first, our team will analysis the custom machining service arrangement.  Only with reasonable deploy, we can reduce the risk between the transfer from lathes to CNC center. In addition, Our salesman will record the details and do the daily check.

Step 3: Cost breakdown quotation

A cost breakdown Quotation is necessary for judging the quality. Once we know the details, we can know the precise cost to see if we can reduce the cnc machine cost in next order. During every step, we make detail cost report to record the material, turned parts time and milled part time. If something goes wrong, we can find it from these reports as soon as possible. Precision part requires precise data. Only we can be more precise than our competitors, we can keep improving to be a reliable machining cnc machine manufacturer China.

Step 4: design by cad, solidworks, pro-e

During our production, there is no way to allow small mistake, because small mistakes always result terrible ending. But no one make no mistakes in his life. sometimes operators cannot gain the full information from the 2D drawings because of special origin. Thus our salesman will draw the 3D drawings for every machined part, and we show its structure by pictures. Combined with routing inspection, It is our special way to avoid the small mistakes as we can.

Step 5: OEM & ODM Capability

To meet with customers’ requirement, Our factory not only do the OEM service, which help customer with their custom cnc part. But also our engineer team keep improving ourselves to design own custom part to match with all kinds of market. For example: military aerospace boat and electronic market. When you choose a China precision machining cnc machine manufacturer, the OEM & ODM capability can make the manufacturer comprehend the application better. No matter for controlling the dimension or perfecting the structure when it is necessary.  If so you want a partner of CNC service, pls be careful for this ability.

Step 6: Sample with full inspection reports

In our cnc machine shop, we have special cnc lathe machines and cnc milling machine for samples production.  First one of our inspectors will monitor the machining process, including operations from machined raw material to the finished part across cnc work. Normally, if we meet machining brass part and cnc milling aluminum part , which required surface treatment. Also we make report to record the dimension among outsourcing plating or anodize process. After all machining work China, with safe packaging protection, finally our samples will be sent to customers with material report and final inspection report.

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What can we do to control quality in production?

Quality control is not as easy as the word show us, there are lots of standard and specific way during machining process. We searched and learned a lot from these experienced China machining manufacturer. Since the day we choose the machining market, we aim at high quality parts.  Even though price can be changeable in the big China machining market. But only quality can reflect a factory’s management and professional attitude. What we do is aiming at bring customers excellent buying experience.

Product Details

Tip 1: Part Submission Warrant

When a part need machining casting, machining forging, or machining stamping.  PSW is a detail report for every process. Because it required the specific weight and date match with correct dimension from customers’ design. During mass production, random check is the best way to know if the cnc part qualified or not. Before sending the finish part, and the business manager must promise the quality and drawings against with related report.  It is the speciality different from other inspection system.

Tip 2: Control Plan

We are going to use Control Plan for all of our products. The control plan refined the machining process to reduce the machining material cost and reflected the CNC turning parts character as a dynamic file, It also point out the correct way when sub-quality lathe components happened.

Tip 3: Process FEMA

FMEA is an analysis way to judge potential risk from 1-10 to find the product weakness before mass production. Our team do the research about all aspects: design production assembly quality control reliability service test and package. These test will help us know what will happened during the whole process. For every mistake, we need list the next prepare plan B for happening fault through FMEA.

Tip 4: process Inspection Report

Under the Process inspection Reports, our cnc machine operators will check the condition of the machines on duty every day. It is a good way to avoid the possible problems of machining devices. Such as:  the over worn tool, clean and tidy cnc shop, and operators’ physical condition. If cnc lathe machinist transfer machining part from cnc lathe work to the cnc machining centers. Similarly, he should be carefully with tool difference between steel and stainless steel. What is more, machining direction from turned part to milling process is important too.

Tip 5: Material Certificate Report

Material report is a basic but vital part. For normal cnc steel and custom cnc aluminum machining part. The report match with the real data when the material agent sell it. But for the machining copper part and brass part. There is always recycling material existing, it may seem no much difference for copper content. But to us all know that the recycling brass contain lots of other ingredient. We always need material report on spot when buying original brass from local big suppliers.

Tip 6: Final Inspection Report

Final Inspection Report record all the dimensions marked on the drawings. As for precision sizes for all grades, our inspector will choose suited checkout equipment. For example: caliper for conventional tolerance: projector for shape and position tolerance: three coordinate measuring system for most precision tolerance. Besides we are also equipped with hardness tester and microscope. Our engineer will recheck the detail data follow the drawings required. It will be not defined as finished part  unless when all the data is right. There is no way to allow wrong size and unqualified part showing up in front of our Customers.  At BLUE, you can feel relax for the quality, since we always put quality on the first level.

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Most of our customers are from Google. We built our strong partnership from stranger to friends who trust each other. Maybe you are not familiar with machining market, You want to purchase, but you are still questioning what is cnc turning and what is cnc milling part. Don’t worry, you can be good purchaser at Blue Machines, Our service will give you the easiest purchase. As a China machining manufacturer, our cnc service always attract them. And their feedback will power us to be better cnc machine working shop in keeping improving our turning milling service.

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