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Plastic parts can be seen everywhere in life. In addition to the injection molding service, BLUE can also provide various plastic parts for you through powerful plastic CNC machining. BLUE has strong plastic CNC machining capabilities and rich experience, and provides customized solutions.

With our advantaged equipment and fast response service, you can get the design advice, quotation and delivery in a short time. At the same time, we can also provide additional services, such as surface spraying, color painting, laser marking, threaded inserting, simple assembly, etc.

The following are the commonly used plastic lists for CNC machining, you can freely choose dozens of different plastics to meet different needs, or contact us to get the advice.

Available Material List For Plastic CNC Machining


ABS is one of the most widely used plastics across several industries. Among its best characteristics are firmness and resistance to different factors such as impact. At the same time, its relative affordability allows for the reduction of some production costs.


  • Rigid surface with a good level of durability
  • Highly efficient resistance to various damages such as impacts
  • Different options in the final appearance
  • An optimal level of processability during production


  • Main components for PC
  • Telecommunication area devices
  • Some small household appliance parts
  • Objects for medical purposes
  • Some wind musical instruments

Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic with high toughness, good machinability, and excellent impact strength (better than ABS). It is optically transparent usually, but also can be colored, so it is very suitable for a wide range of applications including fluid equipment or automotive glass.


  • Excellent level of resistance to some harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of a PC
  • The structure has good dimensional stability
  • High level of durability and impact resistance
  • A transparent appearance can be obtained if necessary


  • Elements with medical purposes
  • Different mechanical parts in general
  • Components of the telecommunications industry
  • Vehicle headlights
  • Commercially useful machinery
  • Wide variety of goods in various industries

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) is tough and flexible, has good fatigue resistance, and is low in price. PP is the lowest density commodity plastic. With lower density, lighter plastic parts can be produced.


  • High level of durability against some harmful factors such as humidity
  • Plastic ideal for use with food
  • Excellent level of versatility to obtain different molds
  • Excellent overall impact resistance


  • Various hardware components
  • Some parts in the automotive industry
  • Useful objects for the home with good resistance
  • Boxes and objects used for packaging
  • Key parts for processing industrial-grade fluids


Nylon, also known as polyamide (PA), is a thermoplastic, often used in engineering applications due to its excellent mechanical properties, good impact strength, high chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Although it is easy to absorb water and moisture.


  • xcellent durability and abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to sudden temperature changes between minus 700° and 600°.
  • Durability and resistance to some harmful
  • Excellent durability against certain impacts chemicals


  • Useful for gears and industrial components in general
  • The key component for certain electronic connectors
  • Different parts in the automotive industry
  • omponents with general industrial purposes


G-10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a type of composite material. It is manufactured in flat sheets, so most often a few millimeters thick. G-10 is the ideal material for making hard parts such as knife handles because it is light, easily workable, does not expand or contract due to normal temperature and moisture exposure, and extremely rugged.


  • Provides a low level of moisture absorption
  • Excellent for use for electrical insulation purposes
  • High level of resistance to certain chemicals
  • Excellent level of durability and impact resistance


  • The component in electronic parts
  • Manufacture of handles in the armament industry
  • General tools for different industries
  • Knife Grip Handle


When precision, high rigidity, low friction, excellent dimensional stability at high temperatures and extremely low water absorption are required for CNC machining of plastic parts, POM (Delrin) is usually the best choice.


  • A surface with a glossy finish is obtained
  • Excellent resistance and durability to solvents and impacts
  • Excellent resistance to toughness or stiffness with traction
  • Appropriate levels of static and dynamic friction
  • An appropriate alternative to replacing parts made of cast metal
  • Plastic safe for use in contact with water and food


  • Bushings and gears for various industries
  • Some seat belt components
  • Essential components for various household appliances
  • The mechanical part of a large number of vehicles
  • Specialized machinery for commercial purposes

PTFE (Teflon)

PTFE, commonly known as polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon), is an engineering thermoplastic with excellent chemical and heat resistance and the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid.

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is one of the few plastics that can withstand operating temperatures above 200℃ and is an excellent electrical insulator. However, it has pure mechanical properties and is often used as a lining or insert in components.


  • Provides an excellent level of chemical resistance
  • High level of waterproofing in general
  • Excellent for environments with humid conditions
  • High level of flexibility
  • Optimal choice as an electrical insulator
  • Excellent anti-adherence and resistance to different temperatures


  • Useful components in medicine
  • Coatings in the aviation industry
  • Articulation of objects from different industries
  • Coatings for electronic components
  • Various kitchen objects
  • A large number of household products


PET (polyethylene terephthalate ) is an engineering thermoplastic that has a clear, strong, and lightweight. In addition to injection molding production, it can also be made into different thicknesses and diameters and is easy to machine to tight tolerances. PET is FDA compliant and has minimal moisture absorption.


  • High level of durability against corrosion and wear
  • Excellent slip coefficient
  • High level of thermal and chemical resistance
  • Compatible with other materials


  • It is used to pack water and different liquids in general.


Acrylic, also known as Plexiglass, is a transparent plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. Acrylic sheet exhibits glass-like qualities—clarity, brilliance, and transparency—but at half the weight and many times the impact resistance of glass. From durable signs and skylights, to eye-catching retail store fixtures, displays and shelves, acrylic plastics provide outstanding versatility, durability, and aesthetic qualities.


  • Provides a transparent finish that does not damage the optics
  • An excellent choice for light transmission
  • Appropriate impact resistance
  • High level of durability to sunlight and outdoor factors


  • It is used in shields and certain security elements in general
  • Useful in decorative objects for the home, such as lamps
  • It is applied in different parts of a vehicle in the automotive industry

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene (PE) also known as Polythene (IUPAC name polyethene) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. PE offers high levels of toughness with low strength and hardness. Its versatility has made it one of the most popular plastics globally.


  • Excellent impact resistance
  • High level of water durability
  • Excellent level of versatility and flexibility in stretching


  • Some coatings and bags for medical purposes
  • An essential component for toys
  • The coating on containers for cleaning products, hygiene, paints, and some foodstuffs
  • Coating for various industrial components


It is one of the most widely used plastics throughout several industries because in principle it presents excellent mechanical advantages.

Some of them are a high level of resistance to different factors, together with advanced insulating qualities.


  • Requires very little budget for its manufacture
  • The structure of this plastic has a high level of stability
  • An excellent option for slowing down the fire
  • Advanced level of overall versatility and flexibility


  • Used to coat wires in electronic components
  • Different components in the automotive industry
  • Objects for health or medical purposes
  • Different products for home use


PEEK is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic with excellent mechanical properties, thermal stability over a wide temperature range, and excellent resistance to most chemicals.

PEEK is often used to replace metal parts due to its high weight-to-weight ratio. Medical grades are also available, making PEEK also suitable for biomedical applications.


  • Excellent level of resistance in use with other components
  • High level of durability at different temperatures
  • An excellent choice for ultra-high vacuum applications


  • Chemical and electronic industry
  • Some components in automotive industry vehicles
  • The key component for the aerospace industry
  • Excellent for medical industry machinery


FR-4 is a popular and versatile high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate grade with good strength to weight ratios. With near-zero water absorption, FR-4 is most commonly used as an electrical insulator possessing considerable mechanical strength. These attributes, along with good fabrication characteristics, lend utility to this grade for a wide variety of electrical and mechanical applications.


  • Excellent flame retardant
  • Appropriate weight to strength ratio
  • Low level of moisture and water absorption
  • Excellent as an electrical insulator


  • Many applications in electrical objects
  • Excellent at manufacturing washers, busbars, spacers, switches

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