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Do You Want To Get High-Quality & Cost-Effective CNC Machining Services In China?

BLUE MACHINES is a certified company that offers a complete line of CNC machining services, CNC milling services, CNC turning services, CNC prototyping services, Custom CNC milling services, and customized CNC machined parts at very affordable rates.

CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining Services

BLUE MACHINES use advanced technology to offer reliable and high-quality machining services, including milling, lathing, turning, drilling, 3D printing, laser cutting,and many other services.

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CNC Milling Services

BLUE MACHINES provides incomparable CNC milling services for machining complex shapes, intricate geometry, and accurate dimensions. We save time and money!

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CNC Turning Services

We offer the best solution to get affordable, reliable, and quick CNC turning services. Our automated turning machines improve the scalability, performance, and speed of the process.

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CNC Prototyping Services

Get our highly accurate, cost-effective, and streamlined CNC prototyping services suitable for a wide variety of materials to increase the production speed.

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Custom CNC Milling

We offer a full range of custom CNC milling services with fast turnaround times. Our CNC machining parts are compatible with various materials, including titanium, stainless steel, etc.

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CNC Machined Parts

Our industrial unit is equipped with the updated technology and tools and to manufacture high-capacity CNC machined parts with unrivalled speed.

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In Conclusion, we believe in providing qualified cnc parts and prototype machining with best customer service, the customer will choose and grow with us. At BLUE Machines, our AS9100-certified CNC machining facilities are designed for both rapid prototyping and low-volume production of end-use components.

How Do We Maintain Quality Of CNC Machining Parts?

Thousands of customers trust us to get high-performance CNC machining parts and prototype machines. Our team of mechanical engineers, suppliers, and quality assurance members ensures the best quality products. We evaluate every step from raw materials to finished products. Here is a brief details of what we do for our customers:

Step # 1: Provide Drawings, Samples, & Other Product Details

Before mass production, we provide complete product details, including drawings, samples, and other dimensions to our customers. We reduce the machining cost and turnaround time to ensure the production of the best quality products. We keep in touch with the customers to update them about every single step.

Step # 2: Set A Meeting With Development Analysis Team

After receiving an order, we set a meeting with our development analysis team, including engineer operators and inspectors. Our team members evaluate every detail to design a customized strategy. We accurately deploy turning CNC, custom milling, and drilling services by reducing the risk and managing time.

Step # 3: Reduce CNC Machining Cost

After analyzing the details, we accurately determine the cost of the CNC machining process. We sharply observe the precision data of our competitors and try to keep the price below them. We constantly improve our CNC machining process to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. However, the cost of the entire project is decided as per shared specifications.

Step # 4: Use Software For Designing

As CNC machining tools are fully automated, a minor mistake can produce terrible endings. That’s why our production team members use software such as CAD, Solidwork, & Pro-E for designing purposes. Our salesman uses 3D drawings instead of 2D designs for manufacturing high-quality machining parts.

Step # 5: OEM & ODM Capabilities

We offer OEM & ODM services that allow the customers to customize every minor detail to manufacture CNC machining parts. We keep improving our designs and control all dimensions to comprehend a better application.

Step # 6: Provide A Full Inspection Report

We use highly specialized CNC lathe machines and CNC milling machines for the manufacturing of CNC machine parts. Our experts monitor every stage, including from operations from raw material to the production of the final product. Our report keeps a record of all dimensions and parameters. After a strict manufacturing and evaluation process, we send final samples with material report & final inspection report to our customers.

Management Team

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Leo Peng

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Peter Fan

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Fiona Xo

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Jack Jee


How Do We Control Quality During The Production Process?

As we are one of the trusted manufacturers of CNC machining parts and prototyping machines in China, we maintain the standards of our products. We aim to maintain the highest quality levels of our products by keeping the prices low despite the constant increase in prices in the market. Here is a brief description of how our professional engineers and management team members control quality during the production process.

Tip # 1: Part Submission Warrant

Part Submission Warrant includes a detailed report of the entire process. It requires specific weight and date to match with the correct dimensions of our clients. We perform random quality checks to evaluate whether a CNC part is qualified or not. Our business managers also submit quality reports and drawings against the relevant product report before the shipment of the finished part.

Tip # 2: Control The Entire Plan

We control the entire plan to reduce the machining material cost and maintain the accuracy of the machining parts. It also helps to identify substandard lathe components during the manufacturing process.

Tip # 3: Process FEMA

We FEMA risk analysis ranging from 1-10 to evaluate the potential risks and weaknesses during mass production. We perform detailed research about quality control, testing, packaging, and shipment. This test allows evaluating what will happen during the entire manufacturing process. We always prepare a plan B in case we find a fault during the FEMA process.

Tip # 4: Process Inspection Report

We check the conditions of machines every day under process inspection report. It overcomes typical problems, including the overworn tool, clean & tidy CNC shop, and physical condition of the operator. It helps the machine operators evaluate the difference between manufacturing materials, machining directions, and machining parts.

Tip # 5: Material Certificate Report

Material certificate report provides accurate data about the manufacturing materials sent by agents. This report helps us check when we need to buy original brass from big local suppliers because it has different copper content in the recycling material.

Tip # 6: Final Inspection Report

The final Inspection Report includes all the parameters marked on the drawings. It consists of three coordinates for conventional precision tolerance, such as calibre, position tolerance, and projector shape. Our experienced engineers recheck every detail to evaluate the accuracy of the entire data. We give priority to the quality. Contact us now to order customized machining products


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Most of our customers are from Google. We built our strong partnership from stranger to friends who trust each other. Maybe you are not familiar with machining market, You want to purchase, but you are still questioning what is cnc turning and what is cnc milling part. Don’t worry, you can be good purchaser at Blue Machines, Our service will give you the easiest purchase. As a China machining manufacturer, our cnc service always attract them. And their feedback will power us to be better cnc machine working shop in keeping improving our turning milling service.


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