Offers Cost-Effective Milling Titanium Parts

Get the latest in CNC milling titanium parts at BLUE MACHINES. We have been producing precision titanium parts and rapid prototypes since 2011. We’re an ISO 9001:2015 certified machining company.

  • Low processing cost for machining titanium or titanium alloys
  • Utilizes the most advanced 3,4,&5-axis CNC machines
  • Accepts small-batch CNC machining of any metal materials
  • With comprehensive production capabilities machining hard metals

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    Advanced-Level of Milling Titanium

    High-quality titanium components are manufactured utilizing modern machining methods and cutting-edge CNC machines with advanced cutting tools suitable for any machining requirements.

    BLUE MACHINES | Reliable Milling Titanium Parts Supplier

    We provide milling titanium parts that are excellent for various industrial applications such as aerospace, medical, dentistry, automotive, etc.

    Wire EDM TItanium

    We mainly provide wire EDM titanium machining for the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries, utilizing precise machining processes to create high-precision custom titanium parts.

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    Titanium Machining

    Turn to BLUE MACHINES if you need titanium machining parts in a fast turnaround. With our advanced equipment and machine tools, we assure you to get titanium parts of superior quality.

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    CNC Titanium

    You can find the most competitive CNC titanium machining service at BLUE MACHINES, having a wide selection of high-quality titanium or titanium alloys suitable for any part application.

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    Titanium CNC Machining

    Get low-cost titanium CNC machining from an experienced and versatile machining provider like us – BLUE MACHINES. We also offer low-volume production CNC titanium parts.

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    Turning Titanium

    Our proficient machinists are excellent at turning titanium parts which can efficiently and accurately produce high-quality turned components according to CAD files or drawings. 

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    Machining Titanium Lathe

    Are you looking for an expert in lathing titanium? Here at BLUE MACHINES, we have machining specialists capable of handling different machining operations, delivering excellent results.

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    Machining of Titanium Alloys

    Our comprehensive facility is equipped with advanced CNC machines and rigid cutting tools needed for machining titanium alloys. We also provide different machining operations and finishing processes.

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    EDM Titanium

    We have machining experts with extensive capability that can provide exceptional EDM titanium machining parts with complex cuts using appropriate machining techniques and machine tools.

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    Titanium CNC Service

    BLUE is a reliable titanium CNC service provider in China. We can quickly produce high-quality machined titanium parts utilizing various machining operations such as turning, milling, wire EDM, etc.

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    Custom Titanium Machining

    Our experienced CNC machinists have years of experience in custom titanium machining parts. By utilizing the most advanced machinery, our team can deliver the best results.

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    CNC Titanium Machining

    Get high-quality machined titanium parts from BLUE MACHINES with over a decade in the manufacturing sector, providing cost-effective and highly efficient CNC titanium machining service.

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    Milling Services

    We can serve you with inexpensive milling services that best fit your industry needs without using pricey resources. Our professional team is dedicated to providing top-quality CNC services.

    Why Choose BLUE Milling Titanium Parts Factory?

    BLUE MACHINES invested in one of the latest developments in automation to provide customers with excellent CNC titanium machining service.

    Additionally, we have manufacturing experts who combine the steadiness and precision of a computer numeric controlled machine with the easy production capability of 5-axis CNC machining.

    With our technological advancements in manufacturing and quality control, you’ll get high-quality machined titanium parts.

    Please send an enquiry today to get more detailed information about our services.

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    The Typical Projects by BLUE MACHINES in the Past 10 Years

    BLUE manufactured non-corrosive shock absorbers that will cradle you from any crossroads. Also, it will buffer you from any bumps that threaten to shake things up around here.

    This innovative part is engineered to provide high strength and durability. At the same time, it is lightweight with the benefits of customized performance for years without breaking down.

    BLUE MACHINES, a low-volume CNC machining supplier, fabricated a high precision gearbox with an excellent, very smooth exterior with an exciting finish on all surfaces.

    With its reliable, high-end construction and sturdy stainless steel material, a new engineering hook makes it easier and perfect for a special demanding job requiring delivery.

    Get the best workout of your life with BLUE custom stainless steel gym jump rope suitable for all ages and fitness levels. So, get fit at your speed with this sleek and durable gadget.

    Made with durable, high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium alloy with a polished surface that will never scratch easily. Also, it’s an ergonomic product worth checking out from BLUE MACHINES.

    The wiper motor is designed and machined to be advanced and efficient. Also, it can withstand to chemicals and extreme weather conditions without rusting.

    This new anodized medical box is made of durable yet lightweight 6065-T6 aluminium alloy, machined on 3 & 4-axis CNC machining centers for greater accuracy.

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    More About Our Factory, Capacities and Services

    A leading company whose success stemmed from rigorous adherence to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Most importantly, it is committed to innovate CNC machining processes to provide high-quality results.

    Our team is committed to delivering excellence in low-volume production, not just a sample order. Also, we focus on detail and precision while providing the same high-quality CNC machining service as the competition.

    We’ve got everything from metal drilling, turning and precision milling and whatever else you may need to maximize your parts. In addition,  our capacity includes designing, producing, and assembling a high-quality product.

    BLUE MACHINES is a company that offers one-stop machining solutions producing high-quality custom parts and products. Also, it uses the latest technology to provide quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

    BLUE MACHINES offers a range of machining processes, precision tolerance and high-quality surface treatment. Besides, we are experts in our field and have decades of experience working to improve production capacity for less than you expect.

    Our company is equipped with advanced CNC equipment for an extended range of manufacturing applications in vertical machining. Above all, we have a vast production base and can help provide end-to-end solutions from design prototypes to mass production.

    BLUE MACHINES has all your CNC machining needs when you want to get a quote or order parts. Most importantly, we have the manufacturing capacity to machine any metals, steels, rubbers or plastics without high overhead costs.

    In an era where everything seems cheap, BLUE MACHINES produce parts beyond what its customers expected. Also uses the latest in machining technology to get you what you want. Therefore, machined parts are guaranteed to be efficient, high-quality, and delivered on time.

    Get Low-Cost Milling Titanium Parts

    We manufacture high-quality machined titanium parts that are highly compatible with your part applications and can precisely fulfill customers’ exact design specifications.

    Aside from CNC milling titanium, our proficient machinists are also capable of machining other metal materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, brass, copper, etc.

    Additionally, we provide on-time delivery and provide material certification upon shipping of CNC machined products. In addition to CNC titanium machining, we also offer quick-turn CNC machining at competitive pricing.

    Custom titanium machined parts is not a problem with our CNC machining process because we take pride in the efficiency of our work and state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC machining system.

    So, if you are looking for a low-cost CNC milling service in China, look no further; BLUE MACHINE has versatility in manufacturing complex components with any material.

    Trust us! We’ll make sure that anything manufactured by us fits the bill. Enquire now for any of our services that might interest you.

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