Whether you need metal or plastic products, our strong machining & manufacturing capabilities and abundant material options can help achieve your design quickly.

Material / 01

Metals is the most suitable material for CNC machining ,distinguished by various mechanical properties including the strength, resistance,  corrosion,  flexibility etc.

Material / 02

The  various types of CNC plastic milling machinery used for projects those depends on different factors like material, complexity, material design, and material finishing requirements.

Material / 03

Aluminum is the most commonly used metals worldwide because of its low cost, recyclability,  excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Material / 04

Various benefits and properties of copper make it a valuable material worldwide for a wide variety of applications like high corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity.

Material / 05

Stainless steel is normally use for CNC Computer Numerical Control Machining for marine, aerospace and automotive industries.

Material / 06

Rubber is the materials often use in industrial needs and commercial activities for manufacturing of official seals, rubber sheets, rubber stamps  and many more.

Material / 07

Titanium has  excellent resistance to corrosion and  strength-to-weight ratio useful for various  industrial production needs.

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