How to improve efficiency of CNC Machining Center with tools and fixtures?

3 axis cnc machining fixture

4 axis cnc machining fixture

1. Multi-station method

Basic principle: During the cnc machining process, loading multiple workpieces can shorten the unit clamping time. What is more, so it can also extend the effective cutting time of the tool. Multi-station fixtures are fixtures with multiple positioning clamping positions. Based on the development of CNC machine tools, and users need to improve their production efficiency. For now, there are more and more applications of multi-station fixtures. Also Multi-station designs are becoming more common in the structural design. Such as hydraulic/pneumatic clamps, combined clamps, electro-permanent magnet clamps and precision combined flat clam.

2. Group usage

Putting the same clamps in the same work table,Therefore it can also be used for the purpose of “multi-station” clamping. Generally, the fixtures involved in this method should go through “standard design and high-precision manufacturing”. Otherwise it is difficult to meet the need of CNC machine tool processing.

3. Local quick-change

The local quick-swap is the purpose of rapidly changing the function. Or use of the jig by rapidly replacing the local (positioning elements, clamping elements, knife elements and guide elements) of the CNC machine tool.

For example: quickly lying combination flat tongs. It can replace jaws to achieve the clamp function changes quickly. Such as from the clamping material to the clamping rod material. But also through the rapid replacement of clamping elements to achieve the clamping mode of change. Such as manual clamping to hydraulic clamping. Local quick-change greatly shortens the replace time and adjustment time, It is also the advantages are more obvious in small batch production.


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