How important is CMM measurement to CNC prototyping process?

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What are the main functions of the CMM in CNC Machining factory?

1. Customer without drawing, only original sample.                                                                                                            During our first contact with customers. Because of some reasons, sometimes they only have original sample without drawing. But they also want to find a capable factory, which can help them design the drawings instead of neglect. So you have to measure the CNC machined parts to get the data. Then we need help customer with the draft drawing of cnc prototyping parts.

2. Quality control with measure system
In other words. High quality custom cnc machining parts is from high precision CNC turning equipment. So not all good parts come from inspection. It also requires high precision equipments and great management. But If you want to continue make mass production same with sample process. In my opinion, the best way is using CMM to inspecting the size and get the data. After analysis and comparison, we will know how to improve the machining process and quality.

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How to choose a suitable brand of CMM?

If the factory has a CNC Turning and CNC Milling center workshop. Then they have more powerful processing advantage than other competitors. There is no doubt that it will be helpful to get a lot of business. At the same time, the customer will also ask for provide cnc prototyping parts with inspection report by CMM. My introduction must be Hexagon, because of PC-DMIS system:

Quick resolution requires an actionable report match with the correct file in the right format. Such as custom reports, cloud based notifications, and mobile alerts. PC-DMIS provides easy-to-interpret measurements. Because it will establish closed-loop quality information. And we can transfer the details to production depatment. So we can prepare better for sample and mass production.

1. Customized report
2. Text report
3. Mobile app network
4. Environmental Reminders
5. Based on the end-of-move reminde

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