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The establishment of the automotive industry can be traced back to the 1860s, and since then, it has made progress in terms of innovation. Blue Machines is the most reputed and top-ranked automotive industry that has been operating successfully in China. We manufacture automotive machinery, including most components such as engines and bodies.

At Blue Machines, we design, manufacture, and sell motor vehicles, motorcycles, and towed vehicles. We have been working in the market for two decades and have expertise and knowledge in automotive machine production. We also prioritize the production of CNC machining parts with a focus on high precision.

We focus on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) software that has a 3D design. The 3D design creates visual rendering, and adjustments can be made on screen. Our products are incredibly precise. We believe in eliminating any chances of error as customer satisfaction is our high priority.

Our Automotive Machining Advantages

  1. Our automotive industry assists with various industry segments that eventually lead to growth and economic development.
  2. We strictly follow international standards to ensure the reliability of our products. We follow AS 9100 and ISO 9001:2015 standards to provide high-quality automotive machines.
  3. Our automotive products provide excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals, such as acids.
  4. We use high-quality and long-lasting materials in the construction of our products. We prefer using aluminum, titanium, and alloys that bring more efficiency.
  5. We use CNC machining that is a more rapid form of production, unlike traditional production. The automotive procedure eliminates the lengthy labour manual procedure.
  6. Blue Machines has a strict privacy policy, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your delivery. We always make sure to deliver the products in time and under high-security measures all over the world.
  7. We are a strong, dynamic, trustworthy, and diverse company in the world of automotive machines.
  8. We have built our company on innovation and bring new technologies to the automotive sector.
  9. We have high professionals and experts specializing in the production, supply, distribution, and service of automotive equipment.

Automotive CNC

Blue Machine: Top Distributor of Automotive Machinery

Blue Machines is a firm believer in providing high-quality, one-stop service destinations. We have been in the market for almost two decades of experience, hard work, and dedication. We inspect our products and ensure that our products meet high quality, innovative, and precision features.

We can provide the best professional advice and services in China and worldwide to ensure your peace of mind during the purchase. We use new and innovative technologies in the manufacturing processes that result in faster construction, cost-effectiveness, and production of super-fast machines.

Blue Machines is the global leader in the automotive industry. We have set the benchmark with our high reputation.

Features of Blue Machines

CNC Machining

Machining is any manufacturing process in which the material is cut to take various forms. The material could be metal, plastic, or any other material. The cutting of these tools is a lengthy and manual procedure. However, the alternative to traditional machining is CNC machining.

CNC machining has a digital 3D design that creates a visual rendering. The Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) converts the design into G code with a series of instructions. The G-code provides instructions about when and where the machine should move and how fast. CNC machining is widely used in our production and prototype procedures.

Blue Machines use incredibly precise CNC machining technology that reduces the probability of error. These machines have an accuracy of 0.02 mm which means you can make complex parts with tight tolerances.

 Due to the digital file, our professional manufacturers can make unlimited copies of machine parts and reduce production costs. CNC machines convert the computer instructions into digital files. It provides better accuracy and low labour cost than conventional machining.

Injection moulding manufacturing process

Injection moulding is the popular method of manufacturing that involves using moulds or molten material to create a large number of identical plastic parts. It is a highly suitable method in the automotive and mechanical industry.
Injection moulding involves many stages and complex procedures. A mould is a tool that is made from steel or aluminum with a cavity shaped. There is a space within the mould that shows the actual object. It could be anything from electronic casing to a car component.
This mould gives opportunity to the manufacturers to create thousands of identical parts in a limited period. You can inject the molten plastic into the mould, let it cool and solidify, then pushing the plastic out of the mould.
There are infinite possibilities with injection moulding where you can melt, inject and cool the plastic. This procedure is really fast and accurate, and compatible with different plastics. At Blue Machines, we use this technique to ensure high volume production.

Our manufacturing parts/ Components

Our CNC and injection moulding services are ideal for manufacturing different machine parts with a high level of accuracy. CNC machining effectively creates different components of a car combustion engine, and you can use the aluminum block into an engine block.

One of the essential applications of CNC machining is the machining of aluminum. The manufacturers can produce lighting for a vehicle, including headlights and interior lighting. CNC machining is the fast and innovative procedure that helps automakers to produce new light fixtures for their cars.

CNC machining is very important in machining car parts. As it involves the automatic procedure, there are no human limitations such as fatigue as you can repeat the computer instructions as many times as you like.

The digital and automotive nature of CNC machining also leaves no possibility of errors. Apart from the CNC machining, we use sheet metal fabrication in the manufacturing procedure. It involves metal sheet designs to achieve conversion.

The various metal sheet design techniques allow the production of a wide range of parts. It has 3d CAD design that converts the machine code. We use aluminum, copper, or brass alloy due to their corrosion-resistant properties.

Some Of The Automative Components/Parts We Can Manufacture

  • Guidance Fins
  • Aircraft Seat Frame
  • Flanges
  • Retainer Rings
  • Machined Reflector
  • Hinges
  • Check Valve
  • Control Valve Housing
  • Battery Core
  • Hydraulic Pump Rotor Shaft
  • Large Shafts
  • Helicopter Rotor Hubs
  • Separation Disc
  • Gas Turbine Compressor Cases
  • Rotors
  • Actuators
  • Axles
  • Gearbox Components
  • Piston
  • Oil/Fuel Filtration Components
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Fuel Access Panel
  • Transmission Housing And Components

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