Superior, Customized, & Affordable CNC Aerospace Machining Services

BLUE MACHINES offers a wide range of precision CNC machining services in China at very affordable rates. Our expert engineers have been working for two decades in the relevant field to manufacture the best machining components for surgical implants, prosthetic devices, diagnostic instruments, aerospace, therapeutic equipment, and many other industries.

We aim to manufacture state-of-the-art CNC machining parts that offer 100% precision for accurate measurement because a small error or imperfection can lead to deleterious effects. Our products maintain high manufacturing standards to provide unfailing accuracy according to the nature of the device. We offer on-time delivery of products to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Advantages Of Our CNC Machining Services:

  1. We maintain AS 9100 | ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing standards to provide the best CNC prototyping services.
  2. We guarantee optimal performance, high precision, and ultra-efficient working of the equipment.
  3. We are equipped with the latest tools and technology that manufactures high-quality aerospace instruments offering precision up to +/-0.001 mm.
  4. Our experienced engineers and quality management team members rigorously monitor every stage to generate 100% accurate results per your shared specifications.
  5. We have the capacity to work with different materials, including aluminum, titanium, plastic, metals, and alloys, to manufacture the best quality products.
  6. We follow a strict privacy policy to manage all shipments by offering extreme security.
  7. We offer multiple services from designing to manufacturing, including heat treatment, painting, testing, precision cleaning, planting, and finishing.

BLUE MACHINES: A1 Distributor Of CNC Machining Services

BLUE MACHINES is one of the prominent distributors of CNC parts in China. Established in 2002, we have installed proven methods to provide high-quality, high performance, and reliable CNC machining aerospace parts to meet your requirements. We customize every stage as per the requirements of the project.

We use high sintering technology and super-fast machines, including the 3-axis CNC machine, 4-axis CNC machine, 5-axis CNC machine, Swiss screw machine, CNC lathe, EDM machine, and multiple supply chains to deal with all kinds of CNC machining parts. We are the master of using industry-grade materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, exotic alloy, and high-temperature plastic for manufacturing complex or straightforward CNC parts. All kinds of diverse materials and metals are purchased from our reliable vendors, who provide actual quality assurance certificates. We hold the capacity to manufacture complex geometry parts and standardized CNC parts. We perform a complete ERP system to identify the standards of our CNC prototyping services.

Multiform Proficiencies Of BLUE MACHINES:

5-axis CNC Machining

Generally, CNC machines are designed to work in three dimensions: x, y, and z. a 5-axis CNC machines incorporate two additional rotator movements including A and B. These additional rotator axes allow it to move in multiple directions, significantly reduces production time. It incorporates various steps that, in turn, reduce errors.

Other companies in the market use different versions of 5-axis machines such as 3+2 axis (3 axes for machining and 2 axes for positioning) and 4+1 (4 axes for machining and 1 axis for positioning).

On the contrary, we use accurate 5-axis machines to get incomparable CNC machining services at very affordable rates.

CNC Turning (Vertical and Horizontal)

We have incorporated cutting-edge precision technology to maintain high production speed without producing errors. We employ CNC turning for all the parts that require rotational symmetry.

CNC turning process involves cutting, facing, threading, forming, drilling, knurling, broaching, and boring. We use a high-performance 5-axis CNC Lathe machine for the CNC turning process that cuts the excessive material while running very fast. This machine also uses multiple high-speed spindles, and all this process is controlled by CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) software. Our engineers’ design and follow a layout during the CNC turning process. These drafts help CNC Lathe to produce precise specifications for both small and large productions. It is suitable for all kinds of metals, alloys, and plastic materials.

Swiss Precision CNC machining

Our Swiss precision CNC machining services are perfect for manufacturing small, large, simple, and complex by following a high degree of accuracy. Swiss machining lathe allows rotation of a component in more than 7 axes. It offers precise cutting with high tolerance capacity. This machine can also perform multiple operations at once in different axes. It reduces cycle time.

On the contrary, a traditional lathe performs a single operation at one time. We use Part Maker CAD/CAM software to operate Swiss machining lathes. It can also perform deep-hole drilling, slotting, threading, and hobbing without requiring multiple setups. The availability of Swiss machining lathes enables to handle both low and high production volumes for different material types, including metals, alloys, and plastics, with a small production cycle.

Some Of The Aerospace Components/Parts We Can Manufacture

  • Guidance Fins
  • Aircraft Seat Frame
  • Flanges
  • Retainer Rings
  • Machined Reflector
  • Hinges
  • Check Valve
  • Control Valve Housing
  • Battery Core
  • Hydraulic Pump Rotor Shaft
  • Large Shafts
  • Helicopter Rotor Hubs
  • Separation Disc
  • Gas Turbine Compressor Cases
  • Rotors
  • Actuators
  • Axles
  • Gearbox Components
  • Piston
  • Oil/Fuel Filtration Components
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Fuel Access Panel
  • Transmission Housing And Components

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