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BLUE MACHINES offers a range of CNC services including precision CNC machining around the world at very affordable rates. Our expert experienced team have been working for years  to manufacture the best machining components and parts for aerospace engineering field in different airports, NASA, Boeing etc. 

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5-axis CNC Machining

CNC machines are designed in a way that work in three dimensions: x, y, and z. A 5-axis CNC machines incorporate two additional rotator movements including A and B. These additional rotator axes allow to move in multiple/ various directions, significantly reduces production time. It incorporates various steps that, in turn, reduce errors.

Other competitor companies in the market use various versions of 5-axis machines including  3+2 axis (3 axes for machining and 2 axes for positioning) also 4+1 (4 axes for machining and 1 axis for positioning). On the contrary, we use accurate 5-axis machines to get incomparable CNC machining services at very affordable rates.

3+2 Axis Machining
4+1 Axis Machining
Top Feature

Accurate 5-axis machines to get incomparable CNC machining services at best rates.

Top Feature

All the process is controlled by Computer Assisted Drawing software

CNC Turning In Vertical & Horizontal Direction

Our CNC turning services create the best surgical instruments used by medical professionals suitable for different medical operations. Our cost-effective CNC turning services are appropriate to achieve simple and complex geometries. It allows producing highly accurate and high-quality parts to meet the most stringent requirements of your project.

CNC turning process involves threading, cutting, broaching, drilling, knurling, facing, forming and boring. We use Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) software and various high-speed spindles during the CNC turning process. It produces symmetrical, accurate, and high-quality machining parts.

5-axis CNC Lathe machine
Computer aAssiatance Design

Swiss Precision CNC Machining Service

Our Swiss precision CNC machining service is best for manufacturing small, large products by following a top degree of accuracy. Swiss machining lathe grants rotation of a component in more than 7 axes. It offers precise cutting with high tolerance capacity. This machine can also perform multiple operations at once in different axes. It reduces cycle time.

On the contrary, a traditional lathe performs a single operation at one time. We use Part Maker CAD/CAM software to operate Swiss machining lathes. It can also perform slotting, deep-hole drilling, threading, and hobbing without requiring multiple setups. The availability of Swiss machining lathes enables to handle both low and high production volumes for different material types, including metals, alloys, and plastics, with a small production cycle.

7 Axes component rotation
Part Maker CAD/CAM software
Top Feature

Perfect 5-axis machines to get high standard CNC machining services at best rates.

BLUE MACHINES: A1 Distributor Of CNC Machining Services

BLUE MACHINES is one of the prominent distributors of CNC parts in China. Established in 2002, we provide a custom & quick-turn CNC Milling  services for rapid prototyping and production parts according ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

Our CNC milling and manufacturing techniques use CAD/CAM programming services. These help in various stages of project development, material selection, and applications. We provide services such as welding, engraving, and prototyping. We provide exceptional components under high-quality standards.

We are  using industry-grade materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, exotic alloy, and high-temperature plastic for manufacturing complex or straightforward CNC parts. All types of diverse materials are purchased from our reliable and trustworthy vendors, bond to provide actual quality assurance certificates. We hold the capacity to manufacture complex geometry parts and standardized CNC parts. We perform a complete ERP system to identify the standards of our CNC prototyping services.

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