Ningbo Blue Machines Co., Ltd. is an owner-operated CNC Machining China manufacturer locate in Ningbo, which is in the east of China.

We are a CNC precision machining Factory, which is specialized in producing custom cnc machining part by cnc turning services , cnc milling services , Custom Wheel Adapters and Custom Wheel Spacers. We design and manufacture your product to be a one-stop outsourcing station. Now many cnc shops are facing with constant pressure to reduce machining cost in a climate of ever-increasing cnc cost and lower margins, there is a growing realization that the cnc working shops have to search outsourcing production in order to survive and succeed.

At BLUE MACHINES, We recruit professional experienced cnc machinists and inspectors equipped with cnc lathe machines and cnc milling machines. We are able to help you achieve this goal. Also BLUE authorized agency in various locations across Europe, United Stated and Argentina support the activities of the China machining manufacturer. When you purchase from BLUE, you get great cnc machining service, competitive price, quality control, on-time delivery, handle logistics and warehousing at no direct cost.

Our company promotes a modern mode of enterprise management, introducing Joing ERP and DEOS System in order to complete the whole dynamic monitoring and management for order machining process / Quality Control / logistic Transportation, timing cost and clearance. BLUE is bound to providing additional value through competitive pricing superior quality, dependable on-time deliveries and outstanding CNC precision machining service for you. We consistently place the quality at the first place. And make the greatest efforts to meet your required cnc precision machining service of custom machined components .

In Conclusion, we believe in providing qualified cnc parts and prototype machining with best customer service, the customer will choose and grow with us.

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CMM Inspection Machine

Brand : Hexagon Sweden

Size: Croma 686

Machining Centers

Size: 650/850/1000mm

Accuracy: ±0.005mm

CNC Turning Machines

Size: 6130/6140/6150/GTC40/GTC50

Accuracy: ±0.005mm

Workshop Environment

System: ISO 9001: 2015

Standard: 6S Required

Workshop Environment

System: ISO 9001: 2015

Standard: 6S Required

Workshop Environment

System: ISO 9001: 2015

Standard: 6S Required

Measurement Laboratory

Type: Hardness/Roughness/Microscope…

Process: SOP

Tools Warehouse

System: ISO 9001: 2015

Standard: 6S Required

100% Inspection Process

Report: Final Inspection/Material Certificate…

Guarantee: 1 Year


Issued Date: Nov 29, 2017

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificated

Issued Date: March 3, 2017

SGS Audited Factory

Issued Date: June 10, 2019

BV Inspected Factory

Customize Your Performance Parts Today!

Management Team

Tony Tong


Xiaodan Wang

Technical Engineer

Yitao Lou

Quality Manager

Sharon Yue

Financial Manager

To all the customers:

2020 is destined to be a tough year with the hottest topic COVID-19, It is the reality that we’re not medical experts or even a medical company, or rather we’re just a small CNC machining China factory that produces CNC precision machining parts and prototype machining parts, frankly just share my story with my customers.

At the end of 2019, in fact, the whole Chinese people went through a disturbing Chinese Spring Festival, because of suddenly appearance of the COVID-19. A few days later, suddenIy even could not buy medical masks and alcohol disinfection water in hometown, besides I was also worry about my friends and workers at that time, at that time i got a call from one of my European Customer A one morning. 

Customer A

Customer A is one of my customers when I start business in 2010. we providing some machined aluminum parts and prototype machining parts, afterword he also often come to China to check suppliers, so I also help him to do some translation and driver jobs. Thus we are good trusting friends in last around ten years cooperation, so he said: “He knows that China is very short of medical masks, now he has a local friend who is producing medical masks and export to other countries in Europe, Therefore he would like provide me some medical masks for free.

To be honest, I was moved at that time, if the customer is thinking how to help you when you are in trouble, equally it means our service must be satisfied with him, then I replied: “as a matter of fact we really need medical masks, but we’re willing to pay for it, “finally, I got 300PCS N95 medical masks by international express delivery in next 10 days later, nonetheless he insist on undertaking all the freight cost, so I was really moving with this is mind that we will give best service to our customers in the future.

After Chinese Spring Festival, the masks did save my friends and workers, so I could come to Ningbo and prepare start work early, everything went ahead well and the COVID-19 is under control in China in a way. One day in middle of March , I received an email from customer B in South America.

Customer B

Customer B is from GOOGLE 5 years ago, experienced buyer, but his English is not very good, he works in a large car wiper company which bought some Custom Wheel Spacers, Custom Wheel Adapters, CNC Machining shafts and Custom CNC Parts from us. He asked: ”if we can sell some medical masks which mainly give their employees to do some basic work protection, “if your service is better than other suppliers, customers will think of you at a critical time and choose you by willing. 

So I consulted with some friends to know the location of medical mask first, and I also checked what kinds of qualifications and certificates needs required for exportation, then I replied to the customer B: “Thanks for trusting and choosing us, but we are only a professional CNC precision machining factory, so we are not familiar with exporting medical masks, but I can introduce some qualified medical mask factory in China by email and I did the job ”. after seveal days, the customer B replied“ Thank you very much for your help and we will have more depth cooperation in the near future. ”I believe this email is a great response for every supplier, our refusal is help us to win more trust from customer.

Customer C

At the end of March, our factory is still very busy of backlog orders in last year, so I have to email customers and explain the reason of delay shipment, then I received a response from customer C in Germany, he said: “Most of the factory has stopped work, because COVID-19 is in serious condition in Germany too, so the delay is not a big problem, because they cannot assemble our CNC machining parts even if we finish, it will be OK if we can arrange at the end of May ”, he also mentioned:“ now they have a shortage of masks, because each mask have to wear with a time limit, so it is not very convenient. ”So I starting to think how to help him and solve the mask problem;

Customer C was met at the Germany exhibition one year ago, actually, we did not sell much more parts to them as so far, he only bought some cnc shaft parts and custom parts, even though I can’t pretend not to know for his required mask help, so I asked a friend to buy 200PCS KN95 masks with CE certified, It is crazy that the freight cost is even much more higher than masks, but I still pay the cost without informing customers, It is not easy to send masks in such critical time, but finally he received it and expressed his gratitude, I am also gald to be able to help him.

Real Service

Finally, I would like to say the experience of 10 years foreign trade business, I learned that the service is not only about continuously improving your products, but also know the required when our customer said in a very simple words, small acts of good faith to help customers and also can improve ourself’s service, that is what we providing CNC MACHINING SERVINCES CHINA.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mr. Tony Tong                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   By CEO of Blue Machines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                15th, March, 2020

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